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Darek Kraft is definitely one of the most promising rising pornstars in gay porn industry. Darek hails from Spain but the Spanish muscleman call now Hamburg home. He is one of the sexiest muscle daddies you will ever come across. However this muscular hunk from Spain admits that he’s always wanted to be naked and perform in gay porn. And he’ve always had a dream: to be Mr.Leather. He became Mr.Leather Hamburg 2021 and made for sure his dream come true!

I caught up with Darek for an interview. In the following interview he opened up to me about his porn career, his life as Mr.Leather Hamburg, his personal life and his future plans. Read all of Darek’s answers below and be sure to follow him on Instagram (darek.kraft) and Twitter (@Darek_KraftXXX).

How did you get involved with porn?

I always wanted to do porn but I had no idea how to start with it. One day my ex-husband came to Hamburg with his new boyfriend. His boyfriend was a porn actor. They both came to work out to my gym. I knew him but I didn’t know he was a pornstar, a real big pornstar. He offered me to help me and be my godfather in porn. The first video with him at the gym’s showers was just 10 seconds long but gave me in one day 1000 followers on Twitter.

What is it about porn that gives you a thrill?

I like to show off my body and being watched when I fuck or get fucked. Just the idea of people watching me naked when having sex, is a big turn on for me.

What’s been your favorite porn experience so far?

In Madrid with Viktor Rom. The chemistry between this Brasilian guy and me was incredible. Without knowing each other, we were waiting to shoot together, but when we saw each other we started to mess around before the shoot. We had a small tête-à-tête.

Who’s been your favorite porn actor so far and why?

Of course Viktor Rom. He is my Godfather and the person who taught me everything. Is so fun to work with him.

If you had to plan and script your ultimate scene, what would it be and who would you have join you?

I usually script all the scenes for my videos myself. All of them have a script. The new one is for Valentin’s Day. Two priests who are in love, have sex in a church. Under their priest robes they wear harnesses and leather. Nothing kinky though, just a love story between 2 priests.

What kind of reactions do you get from others when they find out that you are a porn actor?

I never hide it from the others. They usually show a small nervous smile but their reaction is really good. They ask me a lot of things but mostly expect me to fuck them because I am a porn actor.

Have you lived out all of your sexual fantasies yet? If yes, what were they and if not, what are they?

Not all of them. I have some like getting gangbanged and to be sold by my master, if I had one. These are my private life fantasies, when on camera I am always top and master.

Has porn influenced your sex life? If yes in what way?

Yes a lot. I don’t meet any guys like before for a five minutes date or with seven guys in one day. Now I have to have a special connection with my sex partners or do a session the way I like it… kinky, 12 hours long, master and slave roleplay etc.

What things do you avoid doing a day before a shoot?

No parties.

What position turns you on the most?

Doggy or in a sling.

You are originally from Spain but live in Hamburg over 7 years now. What things do you like best about living in Hamburg?

Unquestionably Germany and the German people. It’s an amazing country and I love every corner of it! I came to Germany for 3 weeks to work as a stripper. When I saw the Alster, the lake in the middle of Hamburg, I said I want to live here! Three months later I moved to Hamburg. Germany gave me what Spain deprived me. BUT ESPECIALLY HERE I DISCOVERED THE FETISH & LEATHER SEX. I REALLY STARTED TO ENJOY THIS KIND OF SEX HERE.

Do you also have another job or do you work full-time in porn?

I am not that famous yet to be able to make a living from porn. I used to be a restaurant manager before, now I work as an escort.

How has your experience been working as an escort? Do you think your experience in porn makes you a better escort?

My experience as an escort makes me a better porn actor. My porn work promotes me as an escort. When Frankfurt Sex Stories releases a new video with me, I get three times more clients as an escort.

What’s been the weirdest things clients have asked you to do, and did you do them?

Fuck a client at the moment he knew his mother passed away. And I did it! This month is the second anniversary of that day and he hired me again.

You are the winner of Mr. Leather Hamburg 2021. Tell us about your experience being one of the contestants and how did you get involved with it?

Being Mr Leather Hamburg is really a big honor for me. However to wear the Mr. Leather sash and represent the city of Hamburg, means a lot to me and I have a lot of respect for it. I represent a lot of people and also our community. The contest was not nice at all. One of the contestants was very mean to me. Although I was the favorite one, he was dafaming me because I was doing porn. My decision to participate in the contest came after the first lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So I obviously started to build my dreams and one of them was to become Mr. Leather.

Do you have any fetishes you want to try?

I would like to try some new stuff. Sport turns me on a lot, skin and electro. Also being a slave for a long time and have the feeling that I belong to someone.

Can you tell us about your tattoos? What do you have and what do they mean to you?

The first one on my right arm is a dragon with the word HONOR. My back is completely tattooed and is devoted to my daughter which exposes her entire life.

What kind of guys do you find attractive in your personal life?

Undoubtedly intelligent guys. I don’t care much about the body but intelligence is important and also to give me the kind of sex I like.

Fitness is a huge part of your life. What’s your secret to looking so good? You have an incredibly masculine, muscular body. What do you do to keep so fit?

I work out since I was 18 years old. But still, I am not happy with my body. I work out 6 days a week. Sometimes twice in one day. I am a personal trainer, so I know how to do it right. I take everyday a photo of myself after workout. It’s not for my ego, I just want to keep an eye on my progress.

What do you consider your best and worst body attributes?

The best my chest and ass. The worst my face.

Give us three reasons why Spanish men are considered to be the hottest men in the world?

To be honest I don’t know. However I consider the men in Hamburg to be the hottest! But maybe because Spanish men are more passionate, temperful, have a different character…we are Mediterranean. Whatever we do, we do it with our heart.

What would your advise somebody who wanted to follow in your footsteps as a porn actor? Would you encourage him? What things would you share with him?

Be honest, no drugs and put your heart into it. And also help your colleagues and be nice to them. We are not rivals we are colleagues.

Do people send you weird messages on your social media accounts? If so, tell us about the craziest ones.

Yes a lot! From the grandfather who wants to shoot with me to people who want to come to Europe from South America and marry me.

Do you have a life motto and what are your plans for the future?

Enjoy the moment! Everything is passing and nothing is forever. At the moment I am nominated for the Grabby’s Europe Awards and the X-Awards as BEST FETISH ACTOR OF THE YEAR. For the future, I want for sure to work on my porn career and do more quality work.

Darek, thank you very much for the interview. I wish you all the best for your porn career and your future.

You are very welcome!

Darek kraft gay porn actor

Darek shot four scenes for Frankfurt Sex Stories. Don’t miss his outstanding performance in Boy for Sale, Leather Sessions Vol.3, Bunker #2 and Darek’s Leather Fantasy.


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