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Barebacking it up! |

The porn work and daily lives of two of the most prolific and exuberant performers of Gay Porn!

Tobias Malek is definitely one of the hottest and most talented actors in the gay porn business. This sexy Czech hunk has the most captivating blue eyes and a juicy bubble butt which is worth a sin. Tobias started his career in the adult industry nine years ago. He has worked with several adult movie studios and performed in various categories.

The handsome Captain Qel is an adorable and sexy, next door German guy who turns on the energy when he’s in the bedroom with another man. His sexy face will make you melt, his body will get you hard, and his big throbbing cock will get you off every fucking time. In the hot video “Photo Shoot Vol.5” Tobias and Captain showcase a roleplay of a photographer and model who get into steamy action.

gay porn actors tobias malek and captain qel


After we finished the shooting of the scene “Photo Shoot Vol.5” I sat down with gay porn actors Tobias Malek and Captain Qel on set at Frankfurt Sex Stories in Frankfurt, and in our exclusive chat below, Tobias and Captain open up about their work in the adult industry, how they became gay porn actors, how porn work affected their personal life, and what are the advantages and disadvantages to be a porn actor.




Sexy model Tobias Malek is striking various poses as directed by attractive photographer Captain Qel who angles to get the perfect shots. Tobias stands before Captain naked, only wearing sexy underwear. He is eager to please and obliges with each request from the photographer. Meanwhile, the photographer’s cock becomes increasingly hard, visibly aroused by the attention from the model. At first, the two horny studs start off with passionate kissing, but soon escalate to more intense sexual activities. Captain is the first to unleash his already dripping beast of a cock.

The sight of Captain’s big thick dick makes Tobias’ mouth water and without hesitation he takes the big hard on down his throat. All the cocksucking makes Tobias hard as a rock. The two studs suck, gag and drool all over each other’s engorged dicks. Captain has fucking on his mind, and he knows that he needs to get Tobias’ bubble butt ready for the action. Tobias turns around to let him tongue fuck his hole. After a nice long rim session, the photographer can sense that his model is open and ready for entry, and invites Tobias to sit down on his big throbbing cock.

Tobias wants maximum penetration into his loosened-up asshole and gets into doggy so that Captain can fuck him even deeper. He takes Captain’s cock doggy style, while sweat glistens on their hot bodies as they pick up speed and intensity with every thrust. The photographer makes his model squirm and moan with pleasure. Captain can’t hold it back, “I’m about to come, I want to shoot it all over your face”. Tobias gets on his knees, having his mouth pried open to receive every drop of Captain’s jizz, who unleashes his cum on Tobias’ face and mouth. To finish, Tobias explodes a massive hot load across Captain’s mouth and crowns the experience with a kiss, just as it all began.


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