Tian tao german gay porn actor


Cock : 9″ / 23cm
Body Hair : Smooth
Height : 6’4” /195cm
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Position : Top
Foreskin : Uncut
Body Type : Athletic


Tian Tao is a tall & handsome German-Asian stud who is a novice in the porn industry. When Tian isn’t filming porn, he loves to keep his beautiful muscular body in shape at the gym. He has an amazing body, sizzling bedroom eyes and a perfectly 9 inch (23cm) uncut, thick meaty dick that cannot get enough of nice tight holes. It’s so fucking thick and meaty, begging to be sucked. And his heavy bull nuts are filled with delicious cum ready for the swallowing! When asked about his favorite type of man, he didn’t launch into a list of pros and cons, but rather said “nice guys” are his type.

Tian Tao stands tall at 6’4”(195cm) and his presence in the gay porn industry matches his stature. He has super hot tats and a great smile. Smile aside, he’s a sexual machine. This guy can fuck four or five times per day. More specifically, Tian enjoys an audience when he’s with men: “I like to show off… I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I also love to fuck and please all kind of hot guys.” He gets his dick hard in just moments and loves nothing more than making out with whatever hot guy he can get his hands on. That’s all good to hear, because we’ll have the camera rolling when exactly that kind of action is going down! This is one hot jock that you will be dying to see more of. His gay porn career has just begun, and you get to watch it in Ultra HD video action here on Frankfurt Sex Stories.


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