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fellball german gay porn actor


Cock : 7.5″ / 19cm
Body Hair : Hairy
Height : 6” /180cm
Hair Color : Blond
Eye Color : Blue
Position : Bottom
Foreskin : Uncut
Body Type : Stocky


We’ve been lucking out with finding lots of hairy guys lately, and Fellball is one for the record books! From his blond beard to his furry chest and fuzzy asshole, he’s all man and sexy as fuck. He’s got sizzling blue bedroom eyes and a bubble ass, every top man would die for. But of course there’s more to Fellball than this. One of the best all-around bottoms, Fellball is always thoughtful and intuitively focused on his scene partners, while subtly and quietly putting them under his control as a power bottom.

This nasty German stud is such a horny guy, he loves passionate and rough sex and getting off as much as he can. You can tell by the way he roughly twists and pulls his nipples, giving him a rock hard boner. He loves running his hands over his hairy pecs and down to his cock, giving it nice long strokes. When he flips over, you see his nice firm ass, hole open and inviting. Fellball has always been attracted to gay porn and the adult entertainment industry, and he started fooling around making his own videos.

Fellball is a power bottom with a big hungry ass ready to be pounded by some supersized macho men! He harbors a fantasy to be the one and only bottom man in a big gang bang; he wants to experience completely giving himself over to unrelenting oral and anal sodomy from as many guys as possible! When we asked Fellball what kind of guys he is into, he answered the following: “I’m pretty broad with my tastes, but one thing is that my men must have hair. Hairy guys are my preference“.

Fellball made his debut with Frankfurt Sex Stories in “Leather Pigs“. A kinky, piggy sex scene together with Darek Kraft. One of the hottest sex scenes we’ve ever filmed, featuring two nasty sex pigs in leather who are really into it and love what they are doing!


leather pigs darek kraft and fellball in kinky session

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