Drew dixon gay porn actor


Cock : 7″ / 18cm
Body Hair : Hairy
Height : 5’11” /179cm
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Position : Versatile
Foreskin : Uncut
Body Type : Athletic


Drew Dixon is a brown-eyed, male model whose video porn career began in 2017. Drew Dixon originated from United Kingdom. No one does it better than this sexy enthusiast who loves fucking for his fans. This beautiful British man could take the thickest cock in the world and would have us begging for more. We just can’t get enough of his adorable face, chiseled abs and the way he spreads his ass like a dream come true. Drew is a total exhibitionist. The idea of having sex in front of people and exposing himself like that was a kink and fantasy he always wanted to come true.

He advises anyone willing to take big dicks to invest in a great dildo, one that is comfortable in size and texture. To get a better glide silicon lube is preferred over water-based lube. Drew is very professional in what he does, he never does drugs or needs alcoholic aid. His favorite position is riding, cowboy and reverse cowboy. He loves roller coasters and he drinks copious amounts of Starbucks. Drew is a very easy-going and friendly guy. He told us: “What you see online and in person is just me happy and living my life”. Drew made his debut with Frankfurt Sex Stories in “Spritzgeil” together with Aron.


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