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Muscled latin stud gets bareback anal pounding by mature muscleman with big, fat cock!

LAUNDRY DAY | Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories

Jean Michel is doing laundry in his apartment building when he stumbles across some sexy men’s underwear. When the coast is clear, Jean whips out his fat dick and starts jacking off while sniffing the underwear. The smell of it is something that definitely truns him on. When Jean is heavy into it, Krifer catches him and blames him for stealing his underwear. It’s the best thing Krifer has found in the laundry room in years and he offers to give away to Jean his underwear. Jean sinks straight to his knees and gets Krifer’s monster dick in his mouth. He works it until he’s hard and ready for Krifer to do the same.

Following Krifer happily gets down in front of Jean and opens his mouth wide to service the fit stud. After sucking Jean’s cock, Krifer wants a taste of his firm ass. He courses his tongue from hole to taint until Krifer can sense that Jean is ready to have his asshole cracked open. Krifer pounds Jean, getting faster and deeper with each thrust from his fit, tight body. Jean gets fucked on his side as the hunks stare each other down with each pump. Jean takes Krifer’s hard meat in multiple positions before riding on it and getting pounded bareback.

The ass stretching doesn’t stop until Jean sits on Krifer’s face and gets his bubble ass rimmed. That’s all it takes to push Krifer over the edge. He blasts with thick ropes of warm cum all over his ripped abs. Finally Jean is ready to cum, he jizzes inside of Krifer’s mouth, leaving a nice, fresh & yummy oral creampie oozing out!

Video available in 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p

Actors: Jean Michel, Krifer | Director: Nick Mazzaro | Release April 2022


4 thoughts on “LAUNDRY DAY | Jean Michel, Krifer

  1. My neighbor was an muscled man from Brazil, he was straight but he used to let me suck on his huge hairy cock. I remember the smell of his hairy armpits while I swallowed his huge swollen dickhead!  :wpds_razz: 

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