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Gay brothel cute boy ANILICIOUS gets fucked by fit stud with big dick CAPTAIN QEL

HOUSE OF BOYS | Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories

Frankfurt Sex Stories takes you on an uncensored journey into the dark recesses of one of Frankfurt’s gay house of boys. So if you are gay and horny in Germany you just go to a “House of Boys” and you can choose the type of guy you would like to have sex with. In these “Houses of Boys” anything goes. That’s what handsome and horny Captain Qel did. His type of guy a slim feminine boy with long hair. House of boys keeper TS Loulou Lamour is always keen on satisfying every client’s wish and has always the right match for every taste.

She takes Captain Q to one of the bedrooms where sexy boy Anilicious is ready and waiting for his next client. Anil drops to his knees and can’t wait to get Captain Q’s girthy cock down his throat and eagerly sucks the stud until his thick dick is nice and hard. Captain Q returns the favor by bending Anil over to open his ass with his tongue. When Captain Q senses that Anil is ready for his dick, he slips inside the eager stud and pounds his ass hard and raw. Captain Q is relentless and doesn’t let up the pace as he keeps giving Anil all he can handle.

Catain Q wants to look Anil in the eyes as he pounds his ass and flips onto his back to watch Anil fuck him bareback. Anil’s hole feels amazing wrapped around Captain Q’s cock and soon, Captain Q can no longer hold back. He lets loose and shoots his load on Anil’s used-up hole. Captain Q wants to see Anil cum and fucks his jizz into the stud until he makes him drop his load all over him. The two studs share a kiss and collapse onto the bed after an amazing and liberating fuck.

Actors: Captain Qel, Anilicious | Director: Nick Mazzaro | Release Date: May 2020


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