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Fuck sluts kevin moss and nick baur


Newcomers Nick Baur and Kevin Moss talk in this interview about their career in the porn business, their future plans, the kind of guys they like and give some advice to help beginners in this field.

FUCK SLUTS (FICKSCHLAMPEN) | Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories


In the parking lot, cock hungry Nick Baur meets bossy top Kevin Moss and invites him to his apartment. Kevin loves the idea, and the two head into Nick’s apartment, where Nick’s eager mouth immediately wraps around Kevin’s big, thick cock. Nick starts off on his knees, worshiping Kevin’s cock. The boy can deep throat, and swallows Kevin completely! Kevin’s big balls bang against Nick’s chin as he pounds the eager stud’s mouth. Nick’s talented mouth feels amazing wrapped around Kevin’s meat and it gets Kevin ready for more.

Kevin enjoys the attention his cock is getting, but now needs a taste of Nick’s sweaty hole. Savoring every inch of Nick’s smooth hole, Kevin makes sure to open him up before he plunges his hard cock into the stud’s tight ass. The licking of Nick’s hole sends him over the edge when Nick stands up and demands Kevin to fuck his ass. “Come on, fuck my ass!”. Kevin goes wild fucking Nick as hard as he can. Kevin bends Nick over and slams his cock deep into Nick’s well-worn hole. Kevin fucks hard and fast as his balls slap against Nick’s taint making Nick moan out with each frenzied thrust from the stud. 

Kevin picks up the pace plunging in and out of Nick until he flips the stud over to see the look on his face as he gets his hole stretched. Nick’s hole feels amazing and finally Kevin can’t hold off any longer. He rips his cock out of Nick’s ass and frantically blasts his load all over Nick’s face and into his mouth. Nick laps up every last drop before he dumps his jizz all over his chiseled abs.

Video available in 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p

Actors: Nick Baur, Kevin Moss | Director: Nick Mazzaro | Release Date: October 2022



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