ZEUS VARGAS pumping ALEX CAVILL’S big cock with his ass!

BLIND DATE | Studio: Frankfurt Sex Stories

Sex addict Zeus Vargas is horny and alone at a hotel room, during a business trip in Frankfurt. Zeus is horny as fuck and plays with a huge dildo when his boyfriend gives him a phone call to find out how he is doing. Unable to control his insatiable sex drive, Zeus tells his boyfriend how horny he is. His boyfriend is willing to help him out and sends over a local sexy stud Alex Cavill.

When Alex arrives they instantly lock lips and Alex reaches down to reveal Zeus’ throbbing cock. Alex’ mouth waters at the sight as he sinks to his knees and works his mouth up and down Zeus’ shaft. Zeus contorts and pumps his hips as he gets his cock serviced. Soon, it’s Zeus’ turn to take control and flips Alex on this back to deliver an expert blowjob. Zeus opens wide and engulfs Alex’ swollen member down his throat – all the way down to the base. He wraps his lips around Alex’ thick dick and lets the stud ream his face with cock.

Actors: Alex Cavill, Zeus Vargas | Director: Nick Mazzaro | Release Date: December 2021



Even the most hardcore porn fans know that a lot of the stuff we see onscreen is the stuff of fantasy. One genre that straddles the line between reality and fantasy, however, is behind the scenes (BTS) porn. In BTS porn, viewers get to feel like voyeurs as they watch the actors having sex in between shots, or after their scenes have supposedly ended. Some are legitimate behind the scenes movies (NSFW) in which the sex you’re watching is simply shot by another cameraman on the set. Others are clearly staged, and made to look like the sex is totally happening in the heat of the moment.

Fluffers are also an important part of it and involved in most porn shoots. A “fluffer” is a person who works offscreen to keep the actors aroused, getting in on the action. But BTS videos can also be totally sexual and nonsexual. They could be hour-long documentaries showcasing a day’s work, or clips of stars joking around or eating food. There’s another, more important reason why BTS videos exist: they can serve as proof that the porn performers are enthusiastically consenting to the action on screen.

What you’re seeing is the real deal: actors joking around, showering off, and laughing. It’s proof that you’re seeing real people with real emotions have real sex. In our BTS video for “Blind Date” you will see some of those features mentioned above. Actors Alex Cavill and Zeus Vargas give you the low-down on their characters and sneak peeks of the action. Offscreen fluffer Erol Dutch keeps the actors hard. It’s nasty but nice and you’re invited behind the scenes to join the cast as they let you in on the secrets of the show and let you know just how much they love what they do!

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  1. I would love the guy on the top to be fucking me, he is so cute and I would suck his beautiful cock all day long!

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